Creating Long Exposure, HDR and Panoramas - oh my!

Creating Long Exposure, HDR and Panoramas - oh my!

Combining Long Exposures with HDR and appling it to panoramas sounded simple enough, well simple ends at that point.
Each of those have very specific needs of the person shooting the photographs:
  • Use of ND filters to gain exposures long enough for the desired affect without color shifts or objects moving that prevent re-alignment
  • Aligning of the images for the panorama with sufficient control points not effecting the photographs long exposures
  • Based on the other two items am pretty convinced that in most cases will have to deal with the HDR exposure bracketing after the fact.

ND Filter References:

The Ultimate Guide To Neutral Density Filters by Peter Hill

HDR Tutorial

HDR Tutorial – How to Make Beautiful HDR Photos with Ease! by Trey Ratcliff

Android, Windows and iPhone ND calculators

ND Exposure Calculater by Jeremy Feltracco for Android (Free, simple to use)) ND Converter by IJ Software for the Windows Phone LongTime Exposure Calculator by Thomas Penn for iPhone